Strathmore arts festival

About the Artists


Sandy Greene and Chas Heath have been leading workshops for many years, bringing their skill and expertise in traditional woodworking, crafts and weaving to communities across Scotland, providing enjoyable learning opportunities for all ages.
Chas is skilled in a wide range of wood-based crafts, and has many years experience in delivering workshops and courses in green wood working, traditional games, rustic furniture making and interactive carpentry, as well as offering other services such as construction of contemporary and traditional timber buildings, woodland management and hedgelaying.
Sandy is also skilled in a wide range of traditional crafts, including willow work, living willow sculpture and felt making.

Dawn Robertson from Dancebase

Dancebase is Scotland's National Centre for dance. Dawn is an excellent dance tutor.

Des Dillon

Glasgow Dragon, The Blue End and Six Black Candles are just some of the works written by internationally acclaimed author Des Dillon. His novel Me and Ma Gal was included on the list of the 100 Greatest Ever Scottish Books.

Edinburgh Performers

Edinburgh-based circus skills company who, as well as having a wide repertoire of performance skills, also deliver workshops in circus skills, including:
  • Manipulation, which includes: Juggling, Poi, Devil-sticks, Diabolo
  • Acro-Balance
  • Balloon Modelling
  • Clowning
  • Balance skills, which includes: Stilt-walking, Uni-cycling, Rolla-Bolla, Slack-lining

Frances Law

Frances is a full-time artist who is also popular as a teacher of painting skills.

Gavin Lochart

Gavin has spent 40 years looking through a lens

Gayle Duncan

Gayle is popular local tutor and performer, and has a wealth of dancing experience both as a teacher and as a dancer, having tutored locally for a number of years. Her work as a freelance dancer and choreographer has lead her to perform in a variety of venues including the SECC in Glasgow.

Impact Arts

Leading community arts provider from Glasgow. Provide workshops in a wide range of arts, including visual art, drama, dance and music.

Irene Railley

An accomplished performer and tutor with many years' experience, Irene performs regularly with the acappella group Just Voices, and has led workshops for South Queensferry Arts Festival and Horsecross Voices in Perth. Teaches Gospel & African Song. Irene teaches by ear so you don't have to read music.

Jane Wilkinson

Jane has been weaving for nearly 15 years, mostly in willow, to produce traditional and decorative baskets, willow fences and hurdles, coracles and living willow sculptures. She has taught all over Scotland and exhibited her work in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Birmingham.
For future work, Jane can be contacted on: 01250 881241.

Janie Nicoll from the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

The Education Department at the National Galleries of Scotland provide fun and interesting interactive portrait workshops.

Jedde de Vries

Jedde is an experienced dance tutor based in Dundee who regularly coaches classes of all ages and abilities. His successful company Da Lifestyle has been running for the last three years, and his instructors offer coaching in street dance, break dance, hip hop, body combat, capoeira and body balance.

Jim Fleming

Jim is a professional actor and fight director, who provides Stage Fighting workshops.

John Downie

John is a self-taught artist whose inspiration comes from the landscapes and coastline of his home country, Scotland - where reflection, water and skies play an important part in his work. His style could be described as minimalist and at times quite abstract, with fresh and vibrant colours.

Kathy Burns

Kathy has been a freelance arts and crafts tutor for the last four years, and is a regular at Perth Museum's family fun sessions teaching both childrens' holiday and Saturday classes. She has also worked with primary schools at the Ferguson Gallery, and last year ran the Big Draw at the Birnam Institute.

Mark Thomson

Mark is a Dundee-based poet and rap artist, and has a wealth of experience working with young people in the community, enthusing them with the power of the spoken word.

Martin MacGuinness

Gifted local street artist and graffiti artist.

Martin Reilly

Martin is stone carver who has over 10 years' experience in the trade. Martin specialises in the ornamentation of stone in both three-dimensional form and relief work, and past commissions include carving the stonework lettering on the Canongate Wall at the Scottish Parliament with fellow stone carver Gillian Forbes.

Media Arts + Services Scotland

Glasgow-based film makers and animators.

Mugen Taiko Dojo

Taiko Drumming from the UK's Centre for Taiko. Provide traditional instruments including drums and percussion, and demonstrate hypnotic rhythms and choreographed movements for their introductory workshops on this exciting performance art from Japan.

Nicola Killean from the National Youth Choir of Scotland

Nicola is a graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and is an experienced tutor, having worked for NYCOS (National youth Choir of Scotland) for a number of years. Most recently she has delivered Mini Music Makers classes at City Halls in Glasgow and at Horsecross in Perth.

Peter Beaven of Twistfibre Craft Studio

Provides demonstrations of knitting. Learn to knit corsages, knit with wire and beads, and learn a whole new twist on finger knitting!

Pete Nicol

Teaches creative song writing and recording. As well as working in schools for his "day job", Pete has a BA in Music Performance and more than 20 years' experience working in the music business.

Rodolfo Rivas Franco from Spinal Chord

Rodolfo is a brilliant and charismatic teacher of salsa / tango / latin dance.

Sandy Greene from Arborantics

Sandy is skilled in a wide range of traditional crafts, including willow work, living willow sculpture and felt making.

Steve Haden of Beats-working

Teaches African hand drumming. Steve uses both traditional and contemporary tuition techniques to get even complete beginners enthused with the rhythm of the music.

Susan McLymont

Professional make-up artist.

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