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Silk Painting

Good fun & very therapeutic…… made me feel about ten again. Thanks for the excellent help & encouragement - Ariane age 40+
Really enjoyable. Made to seem easy - Mel McFadden age old
Most enjoyable workshop. Great chance to try something new. Help given was first class - May McKinnon age 71
Very good. Help was always given. Thank you! Laura Sinclair age 13

Bollywood Dancing

Great fun - might take it up - Robyn Taylor
Great fun - want to do more - Aileen Brown
This was one of the best workshops and is most enjoyable. It's hard to keep track of the time - Sadie Kirkwood age 12
Fun & cool but groovy - Aimee Bee age 11
Fantastic & quite taxing. Please have it next year - Irene Allan age Adult
Fantastic! - Ann Warren age Adult
This is a great thing to do again - Rebecca Archibald age 12


Really cool - Ian age 11
Fantastic fun! New experience! Will come back next year! - Jennifer Kyle age 19
Excellent fun! I'd do it again - Laura age 14
Cool fun and great. I loved it - Rosanna age 8
Great fun really cool. It was awesome - Patrick Cantlidge age 10 3/4
It was great! - Melissa Davidson age 10
Awesome - Connie age 8
The best - Stephan Lamb age 12
Definitely next year - John Weir age 12

Film Making

We had a really great time. It's been a brilliant opportunity. We learned loads of new things - Keira Watson age 14

Art Stuff & Nonsense

Exlent - Michael age 7
It was really good - Cameron Mitchell age 6
Had good fun. Made lots of pictures. Liked the teacher and did lots of painting - Douglas Noble age 8
It was great - Nicky age 6
Brilliant, fantastic, really fun - Hannah Oostahoorn age 5

Traditional Singing & Games

I liked it. Favourite song was the Herring and the Skipping - Isla Wands age 7
Good fun. Isla enjoyed it even though she didn't show it! - Isla Clark age 4
It was really good fun. The songs and games were really cool. We can teach people in Airlie all the things we did - Jasmine Summerton age 11
It was good fun & we learnt some old stuff like the Dundee Ghost - it was good and she was really nice - Rosy Duncan age 10

Lantern Making

Fun, sticky & I enjoyed it - Jasmine Stewart age 12 ½
I had fun - Chloe age 8
It is very messy and fun - Tess Picken age 7
9 :| : - Tod Bannerman age 6
Magic time - Shona Burge age older than 16
It was really good. It was different and better than I expected. I think it was a great success - Stacey Burge age 12
Fun and nice to meet new people - Rebecca Connelly age 9
Superb fun - tutors are incredibly tolerant & helpful - Port family - mixed ages
Creative and sticky - Jennifer Port age 13
Excellent - lovely sculptural lanterns - enjoyable, great family atmosphere Shirley McGregor age 40ish
An invaluable insight for me, working with a foster child, whose eyes were darting around the room all the time. Helps me understand his problems at school. Kirsten Barrett Age 62

Messy Art

Happy - Tod age 6
It was great. Julia no doubt had lots of fun, please do it again - for Julia age 4
Lots of fun and really messy and friendly - for Adam age 3
Great! Footprints were great - for Phoebe age 3
Great! I like the brush splattery pictures, they look like fireworks - for Dulcie age 4
Alfie had a lovely time and really enjoyed getting all massy. His favourite bit was painting with brushes - for Alfie age 4
Lots of fun, Nushka says 'more, more, more' - for Anushka age 2
Excellent fun. Robbie enjoyed foot painting - for Robbie age 4
Fab - please run again next year - for Euan Dobb age 3
Fine - maybe some other recycled materials to stick on paper other than just paint - for Lukka age 2½

Circus Skills

It was really really good. Fiona was really nice!!!! : - Rosy Duncan age 10
I thought it was fun - Siobhan age 8
Excellent -Jasmine Moodie age 9
I thought Fiona was a very good teacher and very helpful - Anna Bannerman age 11
Very, very fun - Renn age 11
Very fun and enjoying - Alice Burge age 10
So good you were, brilliant - Daisy Gillman age 8
Totally fantastic - Leonie Garrett age 40

Contemporary Dance

I really liked it - Caitlin Park age 8
Good fun - Tod age 6
Great, very good but tiring - Rowan Corrigan age 8
Very, very fun - Jasmine Moodie age 9
I like it! Eve Daniell age 6
I loved it. It was exiting - Caroline Park age 10

Drumming - Sunday

It was fantastic! The teacher was really great. He put a great atmosphere into the room. I would definitely recommend it. - Stacey Burge age 12
Very fun and good teacher : - Alice Burge age 10
It was brilliant and Amu was really nice! - Jessica age 11


Great fun. Thank you - Garance Warburton age 34
It was great. It really inspired me to sew! - Rowan Corrigan age 8
It was very fun - Millie Moodie age 9
Excellent - Sian Duncan age 8
Very really good Mhairi age 8
Good and really fun. Amazing on what you can make - Rebecca Connelly age 9


Very good Love it. Not terrible! - Joshua age 7
Pete was fantastic & so good with the group - Louise MacLeod age 21+
I enjoyed it - Jamie age 5
I like making my own music - Cameron age 7
Best EVER - Sarah Maclean age 8
Kirsty liked the band. Had a great time for Kirsty Barron age 5

Willow & Felt Games

Good fun but need longer to do it. Still great - Rachel Sewell age 10
Cool - David Nicolson age 9
Great, very creative - Rowan age 8
It was fab. I really, really enjoyed it! - Claire Nicolson age 11

Magnificent Painting

Great fun. What a pleasure to paint on such a scale and finish it - Lucy Boylan age Adult
It was great fun and quite hard though! It would be great to do it again - Catherine Gordon age 14
Very enjoyable, has lit a fire again! - Lynne McGowan age Adult
Brilliant - Sian Duncan age 8
Brilliant!! If Frances can get a recognisable painting out of me she must be good! - Mel McFadden age old
It was fun because I love art! Molly Boylan age 9

Roving Reporters

Absolutely brill. I'd do it again - Gordon Simpson age 15


I thought it was good - all of it, especially the giant bit - Leoni Jorna age 6
Really liked the Jack in the Beanstalk story. Liked the warm-ups too. Kirsty Barron age 5
I thought the games were fun - Anna Bannerman age 11
Good teacher. Fun and good way to exercise - Rebecca Connelly age 9
Yeah, it was really good fun and Lisa was really nice! It was great - Rosy Duncan age 10
Very, very good. I enjoyed it - Rebecca Oliver age 10
Very, very good fun - Ben Alexander age 10
It was fab. I want to come every day to have fun. - Claire Nicolson age 11

Stage Fighting

Interesting, fun and recommend to other children - Ben Alexander age 10
Very, very fun and still well controlled - Renn Nesmith age 11
Good teacher and good skills that you learn - Alex Ramsay age 9
Fun, good way to help work together - Rebecca Connelly age 9
Very, very good and very interesting - Rebecca Oliver age 10
It was really cool 2 learn new things. It was good. Ta 4 the lesson! - Jazzy Summerton age 11

Maybe make it a bit shorter times over 2 days (it was great) - Rosy Duncan age 10
Good teacher but goes on for too long - Stephan Lamb age 12
It wsa very fun - Bruce Wands age 12

Drumming - Saturday

I liked the fast bits. I have sore hands - Jack age 6
Fantastic fun for all ages. Can he come every week? - Michelle Davie age 37
It was very good and I would like to do it again sometime - Catherine Gordon age14
I thought it was brilliant and I loved it. I'm staying for the next one too! Kerry age 10
Brilliant - great release of stress - Robyn Taylor age 29
Would like to get my own drum now! Fantastic! - Neil Stewart age 7
Energising & fantastic. Thank you !! - Ann Warren age adult
Excellent. Can we have this again please Liz Davie age 57
Excellent! Absolutely fabulous. Would love to do it again - Pauline Cropper age 47
Cool - Jack Murphy age 11
Brilliant, amazing, noisy, fantastic, creative, fun - Conor Adamson age 12

Fantasy Games Scenery Building

Absolutely brilliant. I'd do it again - Gordon Simpson age 15
Do it next year - John Weir age 12
It was excellent price and the man was very, very helpful. I had excellent fun - Findlay Page age 12
Brilliant. Do it again next year please Stuart! - Duncan Thomson age 12
I thought it was that good I will go every time it's on - Grant Kellie age 12
Brilliant every thing was spot on. You could make things that cast a fortune but it was one pound. - Ryan Lynn age 12

Song Writing

It was really good - Ella Duncan age 13
It was super clever! - Dulcie Phipps age 15
I liked it but it would have been better to have more people. It was very good to get me going starting to write my own songs - Imorgen Graham age 14
Very fun and inspiring - Tarka Heath age 13

Fire Sculpture

Really good. Well done, Helen - Leonie Garrett age 40

Pavement Art

It was great. I love it! Hope I can come again - Charlie Nimmo age 8
It was very, very cool - Stuart age 9
Fun, great, cool and interesting wish it was permanent - Patrick Cantlidge age 10¾
Fun and exciting. It was a great weekend break - Louise Nimmo age 10
I enjoyed it a lot and I would definitely do it again - Katie age 10


Groovy - Tess Pickell age 7
Excellent - Edie, Ruby & David Muir age 5, 3 & ..
A very enjoyable journey. Enjoyed the singing/dancing very much. Thank you for Kirsty age 5

Animal Boxes

Good fun, well enjoyed - Brian Duncan age 17
Great, very creative and good - Calum & Duncan Poyson age 10 & 8
Brilliant, Fab, Do it again please - very enjoyable & helpful to boot - Sian & Mhairi age 8


The best ever - Stephan age 12
Very good because we never had anything like this before - Paul McKiddie age 12
It's amazing creative - Conor Adamson age 12

Harmony & Acappella Singing

It was wonderful to have a leader who is so steeped in trad. Music & who can encourage everyone to sing - Dorothy Gouraly age over 21
Most enjoyable - Suzanne Liston age 44
Haven't tried this kind of singing before. It was good to do something different. Enjoyable - Elsa Leslie age 35
Fun to learn new songs - Rosanna age 8

Funky Freestyle Dance

Fun, fantastic, fab, tiring, excellent - Hannah age 5
It was really fun and active - Molly Bolan age 9
I liked the funky dance. It was cool - Edie age 5
Lovely. Liked all of it, especially the jumping - for Bob & Cain age 4 & nearly 3
Brilliant - please do it again next year - for Euan Dobb age nearly 4
Brilliant! It was so fun & Jacki is really talented - Elin Rutherford age 11
Great fun! Exhausting - Pauline Cropper age 47
Ruby loved it and followed all the actions - for Ruby age 3
It was really, really fun. I hope next time the dance comes back - Claire Nicolson age 11

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