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Visions of Rattray

An inspiring exhibition of photographs, images and audio recordings entitled “Visions of Rattray” was compiled by Rattray residents, young and old working alongside Community Learning staff. The 40 photos on display showed how residents of all ages see their community and each photo was accompanied by a brief description of how and why the image had been chosen.

Funded by the local regeneration partnership (Community Voices) this exhibition of photographs, images and audio recordings is a record of how the contributors see their community as it was in the past and as it is now. The exhibition was the culmination of a number of local initiatives with community members who have taken part in multi-media workshops and activities over the last few months.

Entrance to the exhibition was free.

For more information about the project please contact Christine Miller at Rowanbank Community Learning Base on 01250 874234.

Travelling Lives

As part of the Travelling Traditions workshops, this collection of old photographs and images of the travelling way of life were exhibited alongside the Visions of Rattray Exhibition.

Video Installation - by artist Gavin Lockhart.

The Outreach section of the Education Department at the National Galleries of Scotland joined with Perth and Kinross Council to advise on their commissioning of a video installation by the artist Gavin Lockhart which will stand as a portrait of the storyteller and singer, Sheila Stewart M.B.E. The video work fuses archive images of the travelling community and footage of Sheila herself, to create a dramatic backdrop for performances and workshops as part of the stART festival at Rattray Church Hall on 24th and 25th March 2007.
This collaboration is part of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery's development of stronger links with the regions of Scotland and communities not at present represented in its collection. The National Galleries of Scotland is happy to support this Cultural Pathfinder initiative.

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