Strathmore arts festival

stART 2007 Procession and Fire Show

The Festival Procession - led by the Blairgowrie Pipe Band and supported by Perth College’s Rhythm Wave Samba Band - left the Wellmeadow in Blairgowrie headed for Ferguson Park with some 300 people in tow.
Clowns on stilts walked alongside excited children with newly made lanterns and banners. Traffic came to a stand still as grand parents, toddlers, parents pushing buggies and cool teenagers paraded through the streets of Davie Park and scaled Loon’s Brae for the grand finale of the day… the Fire Show!

Parade06 (23KB)

One participant commented "Half an hour later, after a rowdy, rambunctious, Samba and Pipe band fuelled, banner filled Parade had danced through Davie Park, I found myself walking nervously behind the stiltman, 10 feet tall in his top hat as he negotiated the Loon Braes, ready to catch him. “If I fall”, says he,” I tell you, I won’t be going down backwards.” "

Parade15 (23KB)

Firesculpture01 (23KB)

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