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Alyth Crafts Group

Hilda Adam,
Leitfie Terrace,
New Alyth,
PH1l 8NE,
Tel/Fax 01828 633287

Alyth Crafts Group will resume meeting on Thursday 30 August in the Community Wing, St Andrews Street at 10.30 a.m. The sessions last two hours.
Everyone is welcome whatever your interest is in hobbies, crafts or even arts!

Since starting up at the stART Festival in Spring of this year members have demonstrated to each other glass engraving, quilting, beadwork and water colour painting. We have also had a demonstration of handloom weaving by Ashley Slater of Blairgowrie.

Do you want to learn any of the above skills or see which new skills come along? Would you like to continue your craft hobby in good company? Why not join this latest group to establish itself in Alyth?

If you need more information ring Hilda Adam on 01828 633287.

Hilda Adam

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Warp & Weftware

I started crafts in 1998 at Arts School. Starting in metal work and ceramics, I finally specialized in textiles design crafts. I started to learn to felt, the first main project being felt wares.

During this time I was a voluntary teaching assistant with an Art organization for the learning disabilities. I moved to Scotland and became interested in the textile history of the Strathmore area. From research this inspired me to learn traditional Scottish crafts.

Starting with learning to spin my own fibres, the next stage was how to use the fibres I had created, and this process developed into teaching myself to use a rigged heddle weaving loom.

Once a month I attend the Ericht Spinners Group in Blairgowrie and recently started attending the Alyth Crafts group.
My current specialism is loom woven scarves, which are all individually designed. Anyone interested in a personal commissioned product, please contact me:
Ashleigh Slater


Telephone: 01250 871171